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Luxury House

Current Projects

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90 Townhomes on Fuqua

This is a 89 townhome community we’re working on. This project includes full land development as well. Under horizontal work as if now. We plan on breaking ground summer 2023.


6 Towhhomes on Lockwood

This is project includes the development of the land and 6 new townhomes. Located in northeast Houston.


Westward St, Texas City

This single family project is near the coast of Houston. Located right next to a new hospital and has one of the highest ROI out of any of our projects.


Caddo Rd

Located in northeast Houston. This mix of traditional with a touch of modern home will be listed late June 2022.



Height St

Located in northeast Houston. At 1700 sqft this modern farmhouse style home will be on market in late June 2022.

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